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Hongkong Office:
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Standard fully equipped production line occupying 600 sq.m, with year round air conditioning facilities for a comfortable and efficient production and storage environment.
Department: Admin. Dept. Sales Dept. R&D Dept. PMC Dept. Shipping Dept.
QA Dept. Accounting Dept. Purchasing Dept. and manufacturing dept. etc.
All the departments as a whole team to fulfill customer requirement, guarantee customer satisfaction and keep pace with the development of the battery pack industry.

All our line-operators has been fully qualified and rigorously trained to meet the exacting skills and expertise required at the different work stations within the production line

Cells Tester:
All the performance of cells to be tested before assembling, including the Volts, Capacity, Internal Resistance etc to keep the batteries consistency.
PCB Tester:
To make sure the safety of battery pack, we test all the PCB before assembling, including over-charging test, over-discharging test, over charge current test and self-discharge test etc.
Cycle learning:
To deliver the most excellent customer service, a 100% functional and outer dimension quality check is performed before the packaging process to highest quality product.

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